Hmmm - just found this. Maybe time to begin musing again. Might be a good way to keep track of myself. If I can figure out how this works again. LOL 
For instance - how do I remove that picture of Lucy in her winter coat?

Life is full and good and always busy - interesting how that is so constant. It probably has more to do with me than with life in general. I will have to think about that some more. 



Winter Still

So very cold and windy today, but so far, no rain. Puppy restless as am I. About to take us all out for a walk while the fire warms the house. Working again tomorrow. Missing an important soccer game - there are promises of a win so I can see the next one...

The ocean is big and crashing - reassuring that life is dynamic and good.

Hope you are all well and warm.


Checking in again.

6 months later....Yosef and Lucy, Fili feeling good after receiving a college grant, some leaves in the park, and one more amazing sunset. Here's a photo from Mavricks today (not mine) - 50, yes, FIFTY foot waves - really crazy. No surfers were hurt, but the bystanders who don't understand the ocean got a little wet!

Also, here is Stella - her always patient and sweet self with her new sister, Lucy.

Yosef is being tutored in Geometry in the living room. Fili is at a movie with a friend, and I am about to go to bed - almost early, but not really. Happy New Year tomorrow everyone! More sometime...


Monthly posts are better than annual - or at least more frequent! We are doing well here except for the persistent smoke and ash falling here from the fire. It hurts to take a deep breath and our eyes are burning and watering.  That's the hard part. Now here is the fun part.

Summer has been fast but fun. Not enough time in the mountains or with Robin and Ruby.

Time is filled up with work for me, which is very busy. 

Filimon has a job as a buser at the Roadhouse Cafe in Davenport which is about 10 miles north of Santa Cruz. He is also getting ready to take his driver test and looking to buy a car. 

Soccer - daily practice, games, or travel to other states for Yosef. Even as school is beginning he will be going to Seattle for a tournament on September 11-13.  

On Saturday evening, we went to Saratoga with some friends Cara, Bob, and Hirut to an Ethiopian Restaurant called Zeni - so delicious. We will go back soon. The food is all served on a large round dish that has a bread called injera covering he bottom of the plate - then you tear off pieces of the bread and use that to pick up the food and eat.  A very smart and simple way to eat. One dish to wash for 6 people and no silverware! The flavors are rich and spicey 

Here are some pictures 


kinda boring rambling

WOW - almost a month ago! Things are settled down a little bit. No routine exactly, but some rhythm setting in. Everyone is off to different states, and back again. Doing all possible fun things before 26 August when school starts.  The house is clean, laundry caught up, lots of veggies in the fridge and some growing in the garden! The cats are happy, the dog is sleeping a lot, and work is very busy. 

Robin will be here this weekend for a quick visit after climbing Whitney today. Going to try calling her again so won't write more now - and the camera has been tucked away. I will get back to it!



So - yesterday was like this
4am couldn't sleep and have a lot to do so got up - rare time to check email and pay a bill, make breakfast, get some things ready for trip to Eastside. 

9am Rent Brynne's car for 2 hours - gather Filimon, Yosef, and Quianna. Go to Yosef's bank to close acct as it is too far away, go to TJ's to get food for home and trip - kids scatter to gather items up more quickly. Go to Ross to get swim trunks, a pair of black sox for Yosef, and some very shiny, yellow shoes for Filimon. Stop at Bay Federal to open account for Yosef, but we don't have the right info. Return faulty bike lock to Bike Trip. Pay mortgage. Drop off some heavy stuff to work, and bring some bulky stuff home. Drop off kids to put grocery's away. Put gas in car. Return car (15 minutes early!)
11am shower - ride to work. Left message for Kevin re what's happening with re-fi. Get message back - it's stalled out - not sure what to do. Work till 545.

545 meet Yosef and get Zip Car - go to Soccer meeting at Cabrillo for beginning of year for club soccer. VERY challenging-exciting-hard-timeline with LOTS to do - mostly for Yosef.

9 return ZipCar downtown. Get our bikes from the Health Center and ride home

915 Come home to a wonderful delicious dinner made by Filimon - animated catch-up about the meeting  brother to brother

945 dinner with friend Ruthie

made arrangements for tomorrow's rides: F to medical appointment at 9, Senior pictures at 1030, Y to begin Soccer strengthening, Both to begin swim classes tomorrow at 1. 

Lots of petting Stella

Fall into bed - no time for photos - so much to do tomorrow.